Ghost Riders have a lot in common, as they all have the old West in there blood.
Some come and some go, they stay for awhile and have lots of fun.
We all love doing the skits to entertain all the passengers of the Ghost Train.
Keystone Gulch is coming together as we put time in keeping it together.

Here you will see some of the Ghostriders that ride horses,
along with other people from the shows that we do at our Ghost Town.

Thank you to Harry Franke for all of the great pictures of the Ghostriders.

Here is the list of the Ghostriders:
Cat Balloo, Blackjack Frenchi, El Capitain, Flash, Whiskey
Baby Blue, Sam Picture, Little Lizzie, Lil Kitty, Cool Luke
Lerchy, Sweetshot, Poncho, Jesse James, James the Kid, Little Roy, Little Slick

Calendar of events